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    1. We found in 20 century 80s and have been more 20 years experience specializing in producing and selling of standard fastening ,punching parts.We pay attention to quality very much and purchase of material from big enterprise ,the products have passed check up and obtained certificate.The standard of products including GB,DIN,ANSI/ASME,ISO...,we also making it according to your requirement .
      Main products including :
      1.GB fastening: axes block washer,hole block washer,open block washer, undulated washer,saddle washer,taper washer,dentate washer,sawtooth fastening washer,fastening ring,pivot key,flat washer,wire block washer,etc.
      2.DIN fastening : DIN471,DIN472,DIN6798,DIN6799,DIN6797……
      3.punching parts: Bearing clip,punching parts,pulling and elongate parts.....
      4.Car punching parts: planet gear washer, half axes gear washer(suit for the car of EQ145, EQ153,EQ140 1094, CA151,CA151,)……
      5.Insulated washer(plastic fastening): graphite and nylon washer,mylar washer(red,white,black),oxygen washer,plastic washer,nylon washer,all kinds of specification of products decided by customers.The material of products have : soft steel,middle carbon steel,65 manganese,stainless steel,aluminium,copper,insulated material,etc.The surface treatment adopt of blue zinc plating,white zinc plating,color zinc plating,black zinc plating,nickel plating,chrome plating,etc,handling it with nigrescence,quencher,backfire,cementite,etc.
      We have enjoy a good reputation with high quality,good credit standing and first-grade after sales service,the products sell well all country and region ,such as Shanghai,Beijing,Guangzhou,Tianjin,Fujian,Sichuan,Wuhan,Shenyang,Jiangsu,Zhejiang etc,we aslo export them to Southeast asia,Europe,Russia,etc.We hope to build long cooperate relation with customers all over the world.

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